Create moments worth living

Create moments worth living
     live in the moment.

     create moments worth living.

     being in the moment
     creates better moments
     finds the beauty in a moment
others miss.

The Twelve Apostles
Along the Great Ocean Road
Victoria, Australia

Taken during travels, 1995

I’d completed this poem before remembering this image had already inspired “I linger in places of power”. A different inspiration this time.

An unusual series of moments lead to capturing this moment on film. Each moment was made possible by the choice of a solitary traveller to join in the antics of a semi-mad band of locals. Hours of shenanigans, food and drink later I found myself awake in the pre-dawn, amongst a mob of sleepers, not sure I had ever slept. Looking out the window of a home descriptively nicknamed Fraggle Rock, I realized the light on the shoreline should be just about ideal in short order.

It was.

I’ve seen hundreds of other Twelve Apostles images. None quite match this quality of light. More luck than skill, really. Unless you count the art of living in the moment a photograpic skill.

How happy am I in the choice to not drive on the previous afternoon?