Now we are five

Now we are five

We were six
Now we are five

I just need something…
Something to focus on
Something other than what was

No memory
No harkening
Can bring him back
We have only what is


But I just can’t quite…
I can’t focus on that.

Now we are five
We were six

I just want one
I want one back
One to be six


No, I can’t

The join
The weld
That one

It held us together

Now we are five
And I am breaking



New Westminster Public Library
New Westminster
Britisch Columbia, Canada, 2015

Sometimes, when the words come, you know what’s coming. That can be good. It’s not always.

I didn’t want to write this. But, I write. To write, I must be loyal to words, to the muse with its story to tell. The muse which chooses me to tell it. So I tell it.