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La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma, Escalator to Park Guell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma

Resistance no more
This is an image
Of revolution
A call to arms
For the repressed
In Catalonia

An image, too
For us

We have been the prey
Separated from the pack
Kept down
Fed upon
By the fat cats

La Solidaritat
La Nostra Millor

Is our best

Run them off
We have the numbers
We have the power

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Windows, Palacios Nazaríes, Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Spain


Windows from some unknown world
Unto some other unknown world
None which I have ever known
And may not ever know
Though with imagination
Images gained from books and film
I construct a room to serve
The needs of sultans and imams
Rich tapestries and silken rugs
Exotic woods and metals
Carved and cast exquisitely
Servants and the visitors
Pilgrims and the diplomats
Bustling in the courtyard splendour
All in reverence to the will
Of God and those who know his ends
Within these windows and their view