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Morning Fog, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, San Francisco, California, United States of America

The Fog

In the morning, the fog
Commuters fill the lanes
On their way into the city
They cannot see
But know too well

It’s there
In the haze
Diminutive towers
Shadows beneath a piercing sun

As they are shadows
Piercing the shroud
Beneath a sky of mottled blue

In the evening rush there will be no misty cover
Crystalline clear; hard-edged architecture

Though the fog lays still upon commuters

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High Ground, Pacific Coast Highway, Northern California, United States of America

High Grounding

I climb up
Out of the fog
I see forever
But there is nothing to see
Only the fog
And the road which brought me here

Still, there is the blue sky
And the sun
I bask in its warmth
Smell the grass
Breathe the fragrant air

I remind myself
Fog is ephemeral
And there is always this high ground
Above the fog
Even if I can only reach it
By closing my eyes
And remembering this moment