You, dear one
On your own stormy passage
Astride God’s wing
These waning days
Rising through your fall
Into His grace

Slowed in wit and voice
Ever keener of spirit
You ascend

Passing through
Deep featureless slumbers
Parting clouds offer
Fleeting glimpses of the love
Gathered ’round you

With swift finality
Through the cloud
Into heaven’s azure
There to witness
God’s full blaze
And in His embrace
The lesser stars
Of those who’d passed
This way before

And there too
The One True Love
You’d lost so long ago
Now with God
He welcomes your return
To Love’s eternity

Vancouver International Airport
British Columbia, Canada

Vids from home, 2022

My mother’s health has been in decline for many years, which steepened in these last several months. In a span of just a few days we went from month-to-month, to week-to-week then day-to-day, as did my plan to visit accelerate within a week from months to weeks to, well, yesterday.

I’m not sure why I decided to record the take off, nor can I recall when the themes and words which inspired this poem began to arise, but certainly by the time we cleared the clouds into the glorious azure sky it was clear this post would be.