Blue Doors, Chefchaouen, Morocco
I get the blues sometimes
Not that there’s anything wrong with that
Blue was my favourite colour as a child
Even now, in the blues, there is a beauty

And options

Doorways in Chefchaouen

Taken during travels, yesterday, 2019

Much of Chefchaouen’s medina, the old part of town, is painted blue. In the oldest part, it is difficult to find any other colour on the exterior walls, doors, shutters… even the streets in places.

Surprisingly, it’s apparently a holdover to the settlement’s Jewish roots, blue being more-or-less the ‘official colour’ of Judaism, or so our guide told me.

And, behind one of these doors, may lie the question to the answer of life, the universe and everything. Or… it may not. We may never know. I was not invited in, and no mice were to be seen to make the offer.