Go Fish

Palau De Les Arts, Ciuitat De Les Arts I Les Sciences, Valencia, Spain c
It startled him

The monumental lines of architecture
Seemed to flex
As a bow drawn by its string
Then paused there
Taught, straining
As if for a steadying breath

The release
Was even more startling
And he felt the shock wave
When the discharged tension
Shook the earth
As the mammoth thing
Quite simply
Leapt from the ground

Untethered as it was
From gravity
It swam lazily
Through the thin atmosphere
Toward a horizon
It would soon enough
Disappear beyond

Carrying every one
Of his belongings
His hopes
His dreams

Every member
Of his family
His wife
His children

Every person
He had ever known
Was in the halls
Of that great
Mechanical beast

Now swimming
He knew
To a place
He would never find
And could never reach

“I really should
Get this watch fixed,”
He murmured
Sinking to his knees

As the undulating city
Did indeed sink
Below the horizon
Just ahead of the setting sun

Palau De Les Arts
Ciutat De Les Arts I Les Ciences

Taken during travels, 2019