How Far We’ve Yet to Go

Alhambra, from the Bell Tower, Granada, Andalucia, Spain
In an old place
Beneath a brooding sky
Threatening clouds
Keep their promises

I reflect
On battlements
And palaces

And understand
We’ve come not so far

As we believe

Andalucia, Spain

Taken yesterday, during travels, 2019

In the deep background, to the right, the Sierra Nevadas, snow-peaked and formidable. On the left, Granada, and receding into the deep valley on that side is the village of Sacromonte, where I stayed in an AirBnB.

In the centre, of course, is the Alhambra… or, at least the Alcazaba portion of it, originally erected by Moorish invaders, the defensive battlements and gates of the seat of power for centuries during their reign and after.

Oh. In case you’re wondering… stuff at the bottom of the frame is definitely a tad warped. I shot this with an 8mm fisheye lens, so you’re seeing a 180 degree wide photograph. (I have to be careful shooting with this lens… I often get a finger in the photo the lens is sooooooooo wiiiiiiiiiide.