Gaudi Twilight

Gaudi on the Mediterranean, Park Güell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Comes the azure
And the lavender
With a twilight calm
While Gaudi
My new friend
Beckons me
From near
And afar

Gaudi Twilight
Park Güell
Catalonia, Spain

Taken evening last, during travels, 2019

Among other treats and delights, Barcelona is known for Antonio Gaudi’s audacious architectural whimsy. Park Güell is here in the foreground with a tower and terrace, and in the deep background to the left you’ll find the as yet incomplete masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, arguably the city’s most iconic structure.

Much like the cathedrals of the past, La Sagrada Familia has been an epic undertaking. Construction commenced in March 19, 1882 and is scheduled for another seven years before completion in 2026.