This world through lens of mind
Is bent
To be a thing my eyes
Can see
Not quite what is

So bend my mind to fit
The world
Then see only the things
That fit
Ignore the things that don’t
One bit

Bridges over the Fraser River
Into New Westminster
British Columbia, Canada, 2019
Bridges, Fraser River, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
I shot this with an 8mm fisheye lens, the same as for my post Bridges (photo to the right). As you can see, a fisheye lens throws a fair bit of curvature on the frame; reality is bent. (This lens has a 180 degree field of view, making it very wide indeed. So the world inside its frame gets squished in.)

Even still, with some careful framing of a scene, it’s possible to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of curvature, which I’ve attempted to do with this photograph. However, it doesn’t take much of an inspection to see the bend in the ‘fabric of the universe’ here. The trees are the most obvious, but it is their shadows which give away just how bent the “world” is in this photograph. The shadow of one trunk wraps in a long bend from left to right across the base of the frame, forming a dish. A second dips down out of frame on the left, then reappears far to the right, curving up into the corner.

Let me assure you that the trees alongside the river there are actually ramrod straight, and so are their shadows.

Or are they? Oh, but that would cause dissonance in my cognitive harmony. 😉