Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume I

Pix to Words ~ Volume I :: Harmony in Word and Form
I promised myself way back in 2015, “I’ll publish a book based on Pix To Words if I reach 500 followers by the end of the year.” I did, but I didn’t, so now I finally am. Motivated to provide something people could take home from my gallery exhibit, Harmony in Word and Form, now showing at Gallery Bistro, and also something to share a bit of the gallery experience with those who can’t possibly make it to the gallery, I present Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume I. The magazine features most of the photographs, poetry and stories appearing in the gallery exhibit, with a couple additions thrown in.

Primarily for the sake of affordability, I’ve decided to go with a magazine format instead of a photo book, published through the online, print-on-demand company, Blurb.com. However, I am ecstatic about the high quality of the magazine. It’s really quite a beautiful thing, with 40 pages of rich, saturated colour in an 8.5″X11″ format. Even better, it’s a fraction of the cost for a photo book. While the photo book pages are slightly heavier in weight, the quality of the printing is on par for both magazine and book.

I’ve set the magazine price online for slightly lower than the Gallery Bistro is charging, $11.50 USD, presently $12.97 CDN. With shipping, within the USA, I’m told the total price comes to 15.49 USD. (Unfortunately, the shipping is a fair bit less reasonable for Canadians.) I hope this is affordable enough that many of you will be able to consider it a gift for your ongoing support and readership.

I am also working on publishing an electronic version of the magazine in epub, mobi and pdf formats you’ll be able to read on your electronic devices. (There are some issues to work out with presentation, especially in the epub and mobi formats.) The prices for these will be significantly lower than the magazine, in the neighbourhood of a couple or three bucks, and no shipping costs. These will be more profitable for me, but, really, the magazine is gorgeous. I will be delighted knowing it finds its way into the hands and homes of the people who follow and visit this blog.

Pix to Words Magazine ~ Volume I
Featuring photographs from the blog Pix to Words
Accompanied by the poetry and stories they inspired