Serrated Edge

Serrated Edge, Amphitrite Point, Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
I walk along serrated edge
Just beyond the tumult’s grasp
Not retreating, no
Nor taking up the task
Of hushing life’s cruel whispers
Caught between my courage
And despair
A darkness near enveloping

So stop
Take stock
Find firm footing
And there turn
Full face
Into all that comes
Lick the salt
Upon my lips
And savour
All strange beauty
In the bitterness

In the buffeting
Chaos roar
Find the rhythm
Find in it, rhyme
Find the way
Down to the shore
Where havoc plays
Which wrested out
My inner joy

Stand tall
Stand firm
Become a god
Shout out into it

Face the demons down
Will them back
For the storm
Is naught but breeze
Whipped into
Such whirling frenzy
By my fearful mind

Now show it light
And strength of heart
Dispel the darkness
And all it wrought

Then in the calm
Which falls upon
This gentle shore
Remind the mind

See, what all you feared?
Was just frail ego’s tale
You thought to tell
And I took as real
When all along
My heart was true
Strong with spirit

Remember this
Next time the seas
Do rise
And crash upon your rocky shore
It’s in you, mind
But not in me
Then tell this tale
Again to we

Stand tall
Stand strong
Become the god
Who tells this tale
Within your heart

Serrated Edge
Amphitrite Point
Wild Pacific Trail
Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2017