Jasper Butterfly

Sunset and Alpen Glow over Jasper, Amber, Violet and Indigo, Jasper Sky Tram, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Over Jasper
Where sunset meets the alpenglow
Amber mingles with the violet and indigo

Here am I
On the cusp of the sky
While far below
Rivers and life
In endless flow

Reminding myself
Of the importance
Of even one small voice
In the tide of events

Like the butterfly
In Beijing
I flutter
Back down to the valley
Where I ride the flow
From the depth of my soul

We is what defines
Each of us
Not you or I
Nor us and them
Love is the only right
Hate the only wrong
Everything else
Flows from there

The dignity
And sanctity
Of life
The grace
And kindness
Of every living being
To every other living being

Where Sunset Meets the Alpenglow
From Jasper Sky Tram
Jasper National Park
Alberta, Canada

Taken during travels, 2017