Strait of Georgia Sunset, Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada

I the Sun; You the Moon

I wonder at you
Lapping at the shores
Of my consciousness
The light sussuru of wavelets
Tumbling onto the beach
A constant presence
Only noticed
When I turn my mind to you
And I realize
You’re always there
A tide
In constant ebb and flow
As I live in the world of the sun
And you the moon
In each other’s gravity
Yet destined to be apart
But for brief moments
Sharing the sky
Or the infrequent eclipse
When we align
And become one
Moon and Sunset
Strait of Georgia
Sunshine Coast
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2017

It is not the beautiful sunset which makes me smile, but the thought of her its beauty and perfection induces, her presence it invokes.