Yet I Remain
Left behind
As if detritus
Like pilings
Rising from
The ocean depths
Stripped of the planks
Which gave them cause
Still, pretty they
Beneath their grey torment
So to offer
Weathered wise remark

Reach for the sky
Stand proud
And straight
Find new intent
If naught for aught
But to be seen
Standing here
Survivor still
Where some may fail
Yet I remain

Forsaken Pier
Britannia Beach
Howe Sound
Sea to Sky Highway
British Columbia, Canada, 2016
For Favorite Place, the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

There’s a little point, at Britannia Beach, behind the gallery on the Howe Sound side of the highway, and beyond it’s tiny marina. It rarely fails to provide an interesting photograph, often of these pilings, or of the southerly view down the sound, or of the mining museum across the highway. The weather varies so significantly here, even moment to moment, the images always provide some new beauty to appreciate.

It’s also a beautiful spot to just sit, and take a few deep breaths while the gulls swoop and call.