The Retreat

The Retreat, Amphitrite Point, Wild Pacific Trail, Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
She retreated
Not because the waves
Had come perilously close
Nor because the wind
Made it difficult to stand

She retreated because she had come
To feel the tumult of the ocean
To feel the battering of the wind
To feel the beauty of violence

Without consciousness
This is why she came here
And for a while
It was beautiful
And calming

But the rain came
Spattering drops
Running down her cheeks
Salty with sea spray
When she licked her lips
They tasted just like tears

She was reminded of the pain
Of the betrayal
And of the cold in his eyes

So she retreated
She ran
With no where to run to
She ran

The Retreat
Amphitrite Point
Wild Pacific Trail
Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada

Taken during travels, 2017