Trust, Poster on Corrugated Tin, On location for Fringe, Season 5, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
She was broken and battered
Her ability to love
Damaged and misaligned
And yet

There was to her
A tenacious spirit
She grappled despair
And brought it down
Smothering the darkness
Not so much with light
But with a glimmer

I thought it was hope
But it was trust
Not just the kind
Given to others
But the kind given to self
Given to circumstances
Given to time, and possibility

It was the kind of trust
Good people feel
Compelled to return
A hard-edged trust
Even bad people know better
Than to cross

And while she could be
Not so very pretty
This quality made her

Poster on Corrugated Tin
On location for Fringe, Season 5
BC Sugar Refinery
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for Fringe, Season 5, 2012