Bhagwan on the Ganga Banks

Bhagwan, The Ganga (Ganges River), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Colour of fire
Bringer of light
Burn away ignorance
Flame of insight

Colour of purity
Symbol of abstinence
Purge the tainted
Cleansing ritual

Colour of saints
Colour of ascetics
Renounce the world
Quest for Godhead

Bhagwan on the Ganga
On the Ganges River
Kashi (Old Varanasi)
Uttar Pradesh, India

Taken during travels, 2017

Anyone can become a Bhagwan. The only person you need to convince is yourself. Renounce the world and don the orange cloth. Stay true to spiritual practice. Meditate, do yoga, perform the various rituals, burn away your ignorance and attachment to the material.

Like this monk on the Ganga banks. He recently performed the bathing ritual in the Ganga river, cleansing himself of impurities, both physically and spiritually. He changed out of his wet wrap, hanging it from the shelter to dry, and is now meditating. Later, he’ll go to a nearby temple to give homage to the gods and join in rituals performed there.