Moon Over Bowen, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I am a creature
Of my own thoughts
Of my own will
Of my own choice

Or so I think

Reminded by
The tides of seas
The tides of light
As moon circles I
As I circle sun

Not choice
Nor fate
All that is
Circles round
In ebb and flood

Life and death
Love and loss
Dream and wake
Have and want

While within
Urges deep and dark
Like sun and moon
Driving tides
I barely know

Until I stop
Let go thought
Turn the tide
Breathe in
Breathe out

I listen for
The gentle waves
With closed eyes
I see the light

In the peace
of humble grace
Glimpse the core
Where no tides flow

Moon Over Bowen
Bowen Island
Howe Sound
Sea to Sky Highway
British Columbia, Canada