Whistler Valley

Whistler Valley, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Day comes to end
In hyper-blue
And gleaming amber

Icy wind rips
Up the valley floor
Churning turquoise and obsidian

Beneath the placid azure
Of a witness sky
Waiting for the stars

Whistler Valley
Over Alta Lake
British Columbia, Canada


Blackcomb Mountain on the right. Wedge Mountain next, to the left. Mount Weart on the left, above the Armchair Glacier and the two ridges bracketing it, which give it its name. The usually calm Alta Lake, kicked up by an Arctic outflow. Brrrrrr.

But without the brrrrrr, there would be no such clarity in the atmosphere.

Scale may be a bit deceiving. Wedge is the tallest, at 2,892 meters (nearly 9,500 feet). And that is more than 2,200 meters (8,000 feet) above the lake.