Obscured Crescent

Crescent Moon, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada
In the settling darkness
I seek something to photograph
Anything to set words on a course

Out of inspiration
Time and photographs exhausted
Post due on the morrow

At a favourite pull-out
Setting up sticks and cam
While the light fails


Exploring the little Island
And the light of some small town
Rising in the darkness behind it

I almost miss the break in the clouds
The crescent moon
The evening star


Sometimes, the art
Is a matter of luck
And attention to the moment

Crescent Moon over the Sound
Howe Sound
Sea to Sky Highway
British Columbia, Canada

Taken last night, 2016

I’m trying to keep a pace of posting photographs only from my new camera, the Fujifilm X-T2. I’d pretty much run the table on all the pics I’ve shot so far. I’m out. At least without running the risk of running even more slight variations on the images I’ve already published.

I’ll be too busy over the next couple of days to shoot much. Hopefully, on the drive up to Whistler tonight, I’ve managed to collect enough to get me through today and tomorrow.

Just need to pull one from the shots I collected on the drive up to Whistler tonight… in the dark.

Tomorrow’s Pic and a Word Challenge could be…. interesting. I’m betting it will feature an Island with the light of some small town rising in the darkness behind it. ; )

Oh, btw, “sticks and cam” means “tripod and camera”… in case, you know, you didn’t already know.