Making America Hate (Again)

Lichen on Granite, Hope Slide, Nicolum Valley, Cascade Mountains, Crowsnest Highway, British Columbia, Canada
This broken web
This strife
This hurtful anger
Which raises some
By lowering many

This fear
This anguish
This mounting dread
That things will never be
As things never were
Except in the cheap dream
Sold to those
Who want more
Than they’ve

Pledged to those
The white middle
Whose lion’s share
Has been diminished
Not by those who want
Just enough
As the middle
Have been told
But by those
Who want
It all

Pledged by those
The moneyed interests
Who sow the violence
And the hatred
As distractions
While sleight of hand
Slips the riches
Back up
The sleeve

The rich
Get richer
The middle
Learn poverty
The poor
The disenfranchised
The marginalised
The non-white
The non-middle
Shuffle off
Into their

Lichen on Granite
Hope Slide
Nicolum Valley
Cascade Mountains
British Columbia, Canada, 2016
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