Too Blue For You

Blues, Howe Sound, Sea to Sky Highway, Britannia Beach, British Columbia, Canada
I’m too blue for you
I said
All dusky hues
And failing light

“Don’t worry, love”
Was her reply
“I’ll stay with you
This long dark night

“When comes the morn’
You’ll see sun rise
As you look
Into my eyes

“And then you’ll know
There’s none so blue
An act of love
That can’t undo”

So into night
I did descend
Let slumber take me
To the end

When as she said
The light did rise
Burned through the lids
Of sleeping eyes

So did I wake
To loving gaze
The blue within
Completely razed

Her love is true
And ever wise
And now mine too
My heart did rise

For such a gift
I’d never ask
But now received
I’ll make it last

I’d thought the gift
Was mine to give
To set her free
So she could live

And offer love
To someone new
While I fell down
The thing to do

Though broken, still
I loved her full
My heart was true
Just black and blue

She saw the truth
Beneath the lie
She’ll stay with me
Until we die

For through it all
I’ve seen it true
Love conquers all
Even the blues

Howe Sound
Sea to Sky Highway
Britannia Beach
British Columbia, Canada, 2016
A playful little ditty which just took the blues and ran with them.