My Brodie and Me, Under the grape trellis, Seman Hotel, Kashgar, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, The People's Republic of China
Every now and again
I reawaken to the extraordinary adventure life is
An adventure as epic and unique
As bicycling 6,000 kilometers across China
Or as small and day-to-day as a sunset on English Bay
Enjoying a cold beer over conversation with a good friend

I take a breath, breathing in the magical divinity of existence

I remind myself
How privileged am I
To live these moments
Even one so simple as
A beer with a friend

At a nice pub
With a spectacular view
In a peaceful

Having enough money
To buy both rounds
And leave a generous tip

Me and my Brodie
End of the Road, Shanghai to Kashgar
Seman Hotel
Xinjiang Autonomous Region
The People’s Republic of China

Taken during travels, 1998