I dream of a city pure

Vancouver Skyline, Burrard Inlet, From Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I dream of a city pure
Where justice is a synonym for compassion
Where success is a synonym for altruism
Where wealth is a synonym for generosity
Where ambition is a synonym for benevolence

I dream of a city bright
Where the darkness of power has faded
Where the darkness of superiority has dwindled
Where the darkness of greed has abated
Where the darkness of selfishness has withered

I dream of a city so brilliantly white
That even in the daylight of today
I could not look upon it

The spectre of its beauty
Would burn my eyes
And sear my mind
With a possibility
Fit only for dreaming

And, so, today
I awaken
And begin the work
Of adjusting my eyes
And preparing my mind
For the city pure, bright and brilliantly white

Vancouver Skyline
Burrard Inlet
From Lonsdale Quay
North Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

On location for Motive, 2014