A map to anywhere

Cracked, peeling paint, Route 66, El Reno, Texas, United States of America
Oh, the places I can go
When all I bring
Is imagination
And a little inspiration…

I found this map
Of Cassiopeia
Fourth planet circling
Alpha Andromedae

With instructions
For activating
The wormhole
At Stonehenge

So I travelled there
To another world
With twin suns
And triple moons

And this is what I found…

I’ve sailed a sail-less ship
Upon the Thessian Sea
All the way from Nekt Baru
To Timma Rilla Ree

Rode the backs of Androme Condors
(From wing to wing, spans o’er 20 feet)
As they soared the rising thermals
Along the Ridge of Fekt Talee

Flew deep into the Nocturne
Where no suns ever rise
The Dusk Trees capture sunbeams
Refracted from the skies

When one sun reaches zenith
The sky’s a turquoise blue
The other makes it indigo
As to why, I have no clue

I found this world
On just a whim
And a bit of intuition

The map I kept
Committed sin
To feed my mad ambition

Due to this theft
So far I’ve gone
Brought my dreams into fruition

Chipped, peeling paint on a wall
Route 66
El Reno
Texas, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1997