The harmony of opposites

Leafless Boughs, Langley, British Columbia, Canada
I reach
You withdraw
I follow
You hide

I demand
You deny
I beg
You withhold

I am quiet
You listen
I am still
You approach

I listen
You speak
I accept
You offer

I learn
To give
I learn
To receive

I learn
To love
When I learn
Love’s true nature

Spring’s Bare Branches
British Columbia, Canada

On location for Zoo Season II, 2016

April is National Poetry Month and I am participating in the National Poetry Writing Month challenge (NaPoWriMo) — 30 poems in 30 days. Though, I’ll write more than 30 — this is already #25. =)

All the poetry I write this month can be found tagged as #NaPoWriMo.