A world of my own making

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, United States of America
I live in a world of exquisite beauty
Fantastical in form
Vibrant in colour
A sensual delight
Of textures
Rough and smooth

I live in a world
Of song and voice
Of love and wisdom

This world
Is inside me
Of me
By me

I taste and atoms become salty
I open my eyes and photons become yellow
I touch, and quanta resolve as
Marble, or sand, or the curve of a woman’s hip

My ears interpret waves
Breaking on an ocean of particles
As a folk song
A child’s laughter
A wolf’s howl
A woman’s cry

This world is not true
Without me
This earth does not turn
Without the name I give
To the 10,000 sensations
Flowing through grey matter
As chemicals
And electricity

This rock is only solid
Because my hand cannot pass through it
But every moment, billions of particles do
As if it were empty space
As if the rock does not exist

It does not, but for my eyes
But for my hand
But for the name I give it

This world, my imaginary lover
Is my greatest creation

I can make it
All of it
Or ugly

I choose beautiful

And so it is

Bryce Canyon National Park
Utah, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1996

Well, if Jennifer can use a pool float as an appliance/tool for space exploration, then I can use the human mind as an appliance for creating the entire universe… which makes this a response to her One Word Photo Challenge, Appliance. : )