Unfathomable Wealth

Lonsdale Quay, Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
There is a kind of wealth I cannot fathom. Not because I can’t imagine one person, or a family, amassing a fortune worth over a billion dollars. I get how that works.

What I can’t grok is how all that money becomes about them, for them, of them. As if it was created solely of their own efforts in a vacuum of relationships with workers, clients, consumers, tax payers, governments, health and safety professionals, and so many more. What I can’t get is how such people come to believe they deserve it, and millions of people do not deserve enough to purchase the silver platter these people spit their gum out onto.

I can’t imagine amassing and hoarding of such disproportionately distributed resources without genuflecting in gratitude to the masses whose productivity and purchases made such tremendous creation of value possible.

I don’t understand how a CEO of a company can accept that the majority of the company’s workers must draw from public coffers and charity in order to compensate for a poverty wage while the company’s profits are swallowed up by shareholders and executives.

What kind of person, with the power and resources to do so much for so many others, chooses instead to exploit them?

That I can’t fathom.

Even more unfathomable is the level of acceptance society has for such economic rape, how easily exploited are the exploited.

Lonsdale Quay
Burrard Inlet
North Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

Taken on location for Motive, 2014