The greatest doings of men

The greatest doings of men
I gaze across the chasm,
Marvelling at craftsmanship
At sheer force of will
The artistry and ingenuity of human beings
Seeking to make the world
A little better for themselves
A little more comfortable
A little more secure


A little more beautiful.

I love that we are capable of so much
With the simplest of tools
And the power of our mind

Then I look away
Down the canyon
And am seized
By the beauty of nature
At how she works
Creating the most extraordinary complexity
Exquisite lines
Impressive efficiency

When I look back
To the cavern across the chasm
All I can see
Is an ant farm
Ants scurrying about
Digging their tunnels
Between two panes of glass
All for the seeming amusement
Of a creature which thinks itself greater
Than the simplest of Nature’s works

Mesa Verde National Park
Colorado, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

I’d just published the previous post, had done a few online errands, and was thinking, perhaps I should take one last crack at Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge. This week, it’s Ant.

Photoshop was already open, so I deleted the photo I’d just uploaded for A Canyon of Brown and Pine, just to release the memory. There, waiting behind it, was this photo I’d loaded into photoshop along with it.

And I was immediately struck by the image “ant farm”. So, there ya go. Perfect.