Nature’s Lovely Hand

Nature's lovely hand
It is a landscape made
Of sparse rain and heat

Yet over time,
This brush and paint
Create a land
Of uncommon beauty

Like the dabs of colour
Falling on canvas
Directed by
The pointillist’s hand

Like the activities of us
In the day-to-day of living

Zabriskie Point
California, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

And everything I know just fades away
And when a wildflower grows it picks its space
And that’s the way it is when nature plays its lovely hand
We’ll understand everything

Everything, everything

~ Sheryl Crow
From the album, Wildflower

As I edited this image, Sheryl Crow’s plaintive voice rang through my head. It was tempting to post this verse alone, but in the end I settled for the title.

The words finally came when I discovered today’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is (Extra)ordinary.