Peaceful Sound

Peaceful Sound

In the calm after
Clouds trail listlessly
Lying low in the valleys
Or spread thinly in the sky
While the sun’s last rays
Glimmer off the glassy ocean

Woodfibre Ferry Terminal
On Howe Sound
British Columbia, Canada

This evening, October 12, 2015

I photographed Angry Sound Saturday afternoon, on my way up to Whistler for Canadian Thanksgiving with family. The storm, hot on my trail, struck there late in the evening with thunder and lightning and pounding rain. Both rather unusual for the valley. Sunday cleared a bit, leaving the dull gray low cloud cover familiar at this time of year. By Monday, the clouds began to thin, and by the time I reached Howe Sound again, the sky was showing clear in many places.

Barely enough illumination for hand-held, I had to pump the ISO up to 64,000 to enable a decent shutter speed at full 2.8 aperture. I really should carry a tripod!

I travel this road frequently, so often I sometimes have to remind myself that the Sea-to-Sky Highway linking Vancouver and Whistler is among the world’s most beautiful drives. The section alongside Howe Sound is particularly spectacular, and I photograph it often. This road is definitely among my favourite places in the world; I find the drive in either direction to be a source of pleasure and calm, a drive on which I release tensions and stresses, breath in the beauty and center myself. So, it’s a natural submission for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which is Happy Place.