The beauty of Mesa Verde

The Beauty of Mesa Verde
It is easy enough to forget
What we are capable of
Without all the machines
And technologies of the massive

Such exquisite beauty

With simple tools
And clever minds
We carved and cut
And built and created

Such wondrous expression

But even in the old ways
I see where we were heading
Taking the smooth curves of nature
And super-imposing rectilinear patterns

Such glorious efficiency

Then, at least, nature served us
Her forms and ways dominating our creations
But now we believe ourselves bigger than her
And we have lost beauty and expression

All for the glory of efficiency

And profit

Mesa Verde National Park
Colorado, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

This is the fourth response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which this week is Grid.

The first response was, The China Shop, the second, Houston, we have a problem and the third was Organic Grid.