The Art of the Audience

Cadillac Ranch
Some works of art remain incomplete
Once the artist has let them go
They need the touch of the audience
Their insight and influence 

Each addition tells a story
The artist could not conceive
Yet without the canvas offered
The story would never be told

Nor its telling inspired

Cadillac Ranch
Along Route 66
Near Amarillo
Texas, United States of America

Taken during travels, 1997

A post inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which this week is From Every Angle, a challenge to provide three photographs of the same object from varying perspectives.

These three perspectives of Cadillac Ranch, by Ant Farm, inspired the poem even as their selection from my many photographs of the art work was inspired by the poem being written to accompany them. The first photograph is a common POV of the 10 Cadillacs so famously half-buried, nose down in a farmers field. The second provides an abstraction of the famous Cadillac tailfin. The third documents a story told by a visitor, a story which becomes part of the art work.