Tak on the Andaman Sea

Tak on the Andaman Sea
There are some combinations of people, places and experiences permanently etched in my aging memory. For example, the ever-smiling, ever-present, energetic Tak, who I met at a Krabi, Thailand resort. He was an every-thing employee. Concierge, server, maintenance, bell-boy. There seemed hardly an event, a meal, a moment at the collection of bungalows which did not involve his presence.

That presence was always welcome, always a delight.

His was an easy smile, an easy laugh. His presence put me at ease, made me smile. He was like the actor with the small part who stole every scene in a film.

So, it was an absolute pleasure to discover he would be joining a group of us on a three-day tour of the Andaman Sea’s extraordinary and breath-taking Karst topography Islands. While afloat, his duties were reduced, and we all benefitted from the knowledge of the area, and his many tales of exploits and experiences.

Sometimes, no matter how profoundly beautiful or unique a place might be, just one small person leaves the most lasting impression. An indelible perfection.

Andaman Sea
Near Krabi, Thailand

Taken during travels, 1995