Sink 1

Sink 1
I’ve always wondered what they do at Sink 1. I only see it after working hours, after everyone else has gone home, on my rounds of the building. There’s something … creepy about it. There always was, even before the night I saw all that blood in there. Blood and some sort of, flesh.

I am sure I saw blood. I am sure of it. But by the time I’d run back to the front desk to report it, and returned, it was gone. All of it. Not so much as a drop or a smudge was left.

I checked very thoroughly. It was making me crazy. How is it possible to completely erase so much blood? There were liters of it! I checked my watch — as I always do, for the report. I checked it when I saw the blood, and then when I returned and did not see any blood at all. Just two minutes and thirty-five seconds had elapsed.

It is impossible to clean up that much blood in that little time.

No trace of solvents, or detergents, or even water. Not on surfaces. Not a scent in the air. Nothing!

It’s impossible. But I know I saw blood.

…and flesh.

It makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. A thick slice of flesh, with a bone near the center. As if cut from a limb, like a ham bone.

I’m sure it wasn’t ham. It was too… fresh. Ugh.

As creepy as all that is, there’s no Sink 2. Why would someone label a room with two sinks in it “Sink 1” if there’s not another sink room? But there isn’t one. I’ve looked everywhere.

There is a room on the other side of the wall from these sinks. At least, there’s space for one. I can’t find a door which leads to it. There is no way to get to the room that must be on the other side of this wall. Or if there is, I can’t find it. Could that be Sink 2?

Sometimes i think i hear things through that wall. Laughter. Maybe screams? Chilling. At all hours of the night.

If blood disappears in just a couple minutes in Sink 1. I can only imagine what happens in Sink 2, the room which must be there, but does not exist.

Mammoth Studios
British Columbia, Canada

Taken in studio for Night at the Museum 3, 2014

My second response to Creepy, this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

The first response was Meeting Lenin