Departing for Departure Bay

Departing for Departure Bay
Propellers churn the ocean green
Stern will soon be bow
When the shrill ship’s whistle sounds
The journey will begin

A journey starts not with packed bags
Walking out the door
But once you are well underway
And begin to settle in

Aboard the Coastal Renaissance
Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal
West Vancouver
British Columbia, Canada

Taken while travelling, today, June 22, 2015

This is Day One of my responses to the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge. The challenge rules: โ€œPost a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo. The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose. Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.โ€

Since I post at least one photo and story a day already, I’ll up the ante… Today I started what will probably work out to be a five day road and ferry trip. So, on each day I’ll post a photograph taken that day, along with a story. (Which should be interesting as I’m still working out the kinks of my photographic workflow on this tablet I’m travelling with.)

Thank you, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for laying down the white glove for this challenge.

For the last bit of today’s challenge, I nominate Julian Worker, the President of my writer’s group, New West Writers. Julian’s next up for our group’s NWW Photo Prompt challenge, so he already has to write one anyway — that’s like: one down, just four to go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

As I write these, they’ll show up on the Five Photos Five Stories tag page, but in reverse order of the days posted.