Half of it is sky

Half of it is sky
Southbound 87
Make the centre line unfurl
Gotta get to Winslow
Where Jackson sees the girl

The scenes are rightful pretty
Can’t stop to take the pic
Shoot across the dashboard
Will have to do the trick

This one’s kinda sexy
Though the road’s off to the side
An’ there’s motion in the corners
Gettin’ blurred because I ride

But the light, she’s somethin’ special
It’s explodin’ off the grass
While off into the distance
The clouds, they promise sass

Bootin’ down the highway
My way of gettin’ high
The frame’s a bit off-kilter
But half of it is sky

An’ that’s the way I like it
Keep movin’ on and fast
No need for rear-view mirrors
Or lookin’ at the past

Like the man said
Southbound 87
Somewhere between Round Top and Winslow
Arizona, United States of America

Taken during travels, 2009

I’ve been sorting through old images from a 2009 road trip through the American West. Came to this one and thought, “Hmmm, the frame’s a bit off-kilter, but half of it is sky.” A thought that wouldn’t have come into my head but for the current WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which is Half & Half.

Now, the half of it wasn’t the half of it. There is that happy sunlight, set against the sullen clouds above. And an open road is its own reward. Plus, the horizon’s got some interesting rocky shapes.

Too, I just couldn’t shake the thought “half of it is sky”, so I built a poem around it. A cheeky, fun, whimsical poem. It made me chuckle while writing it.

And, yes, “The frame’s a bit off-kilter, but half of it is sky” is a metaphor. 😉