Ming Sha Shan

Ming Sha Shan

I have heard
The ocean’s sigh
And witnessed
Ripples on its shores
The shushing waves
Left in repose

I have heard
The mountain’s cry
And witnessed
Cliffsides and steep slopes
The thrusting earth
Left in repose

But in a desert
Far from home
I heard the singing
Of the sands
Saw mountains rise
Saw rippling land

All the while
The desert sang
The earth did dance
The heavens rang
For shifting sands
Know no repose

Ming Sha Shan
The Mountains of Singing Sands
Gansu Province, China

Taken during travels, 1998

This post is a response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ brilliant and ongoing photo prompts, One Word Photo Challenge. This week’s challenge is Sandstorm.