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Late Afternoon Reds and Blues, Moki Dugway, Utah State Highway 261, United States of America

The Changing Sky

From a high vantage
Late in the afternoon
Or is this early evening?
An in-between of light and tone
Like my mood

I scan the roads
Which took me here
Now and in the past
And again perhaps
In some near or distant future

Far below
Moving slowly
Or so it seems
Scale and time
Diminished by the distance
Carloads of people
And luggage
And dreams to be
Fulfilled or dashed

Some approach
Some recede
All have, or will
Round the curve below
Before, or after
Passing behind me
On the switchback’s final curve

Some stop
Unload their occupants
Who join me and the gentle breeze
On Cedar Mesa’s rim
To bask in changing sky
With quiet wonder

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Reef Point Oceanfront B&B

Reef Point

The best journeys, it seems to me, are the unplanned ones, taken on the spur of the moment, reliant on the benifecence of serendipity. I understand why not everyone who travels would agree with this. For serendipity to work, one must believe in it. Listen for its song. Follow its voice when it calls. One cannot do this if plans are laid down like concrete foundations. Planning must be fluid, flow like a rivulet on a sandy beach, as easily diverted as the whim of a child with a stick.