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Touching, Time Exposure of some Random Netflix Show

Touching ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #256

In that blur
Of existence

When space becomes time
And time becomes space
When love becomes all possibility
And possibility infinite
And time timeless

I will find you
And always will

Because this is the thing
Between you and I
The connection without reason
The being without purpose
Except that we are always


Whether far apart
Or side-by-side
Decades may pass
Without a touch
Though we are always


In the end
That is all we need know
About the unknowable

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Arching Caress

Arching Caress

She gasped with every page turned, taking in each image with surprise, joy, fascination. Then, she stopped, on this portfolio page. “Beautiful,” she said. Her eyes followed the arching steel once, before she touched the photograph. She touched it, tracing the arc of it slowly, deliberately, as if she could feel the smooth metal beneath her fingers. It was the kind of caress you give someone you’re passionate for, someone you’ve wanted, someone you’re touching for the very first time.