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Delicate Intricacies, Plaza de Nazaries, The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Delicate Intricacies

The delicate intricacy
Of the hand-carved relief
Covering the walls
Was equal to the politics
Within them
And the lives of the people
Beyond them

Now those
Outside the walls
Were not privy
To the intricacies
Within them

Because those
Inside the walls
Were apathetic
To the intricacies
Beyond them

Until the time came
When the intricacies
Beyond the walls
Into a single blunt force
Which felled first the walls
Then the delicate intricacies
Within them

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La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma, Escalator to Park Guell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

La Solidaritat La Nostra Millor Arma

Resistance no more
This is an image
Of revolution
A call to arms
For the repressed
In Catalonia

An image, too
For us

We have been the prey
Separated from the pack
Kept down
Fed upon
By the fat cats

La Solidaritat
La Nostra Millor

Is our best

Run them off
We have the numbers
We have the power