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When Strangers Become Friends, Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi, New Delhi, India

When Strangers Become Kin

Among the many magics
Of brandishing a camera
Amongst a crowd of strangers
Is that someone, always
Steps out of the crowd
Offers an intimate glimpse
Into the nature of their being

In that instant of friendship
The camera records a kind of kinship
Which is eternal and universal

I think every photographer must know
We are all much more alike
Than we are different

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Arching Caress

Arching Caress

She gasped with every page turned, taking in each image with surprise, joy, fascination. Then, she stopped, on this portfolio page. “Beautiful,” she said. Her eyes followed the arching steel once, before she touched the photograph. She touched it, tracing the arc of it slowly, deliberately, as if she could feel the smooth metal beneath her fingers. It was the kind of caress you give someone you’re passionate for, someone you’ve wanted, someone you’re touching for the very first time.