Author: Patrick Jennings

I travel, when I can. Write, when inspired. Photograph, where there's beauty. Make films, for a living. Oh, and I play a decent didjiridu.
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The little tornado that couldn't

The little tornado that couldn’t

They tracked the little tornado as it began forming. It was on a steady Northeasterly bearing, trailing the massive storm cell which had already wreaked so much havoc on Fayette county. Storm chasers were reporting the formation of a funnel at this location, but that it hadn’t touched down yet.

Sometimes, these conditions could lead to a very powerful twister. Everyone was hoping it would be the little tornado that couldn’t.

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Little Green Moth

Little green moth

When we talk about our lives, it’s not the stories about the safe paths we have taken which are our favourite stories to tell. It’s the risky choices which make for the best tales, no matter the difficulties, no matter the outcomes. These are the choices from which we grow the most, both at the time and years later when we recount those moments. We are always learning from our experiences, even years after having them.