Patrick Jennings @ the UBC Botanical Gardens
UBC Botanical Gardens
On location for
The Magicians

I am Patrick Jennings.

The photographs here are mine.

So too the words.

Pix to Words implies either:

  • Images inspire insight,
  • Insight inspires imagery.

That is, I sometimes go from pix to words.
Other times I apply pix to words.

You’ll notice, especially with the abundant poetry posted here, I tend to write in the first person. It’s not out of any narcissistic self-regard. Rather, much the opposite. Over the decades of writing in an omniscient voice, or as an orator speaking wisdoms to an audience, I grew to understand a couple things: I’m not omniscient, nor am I nearly wise enough to tell anyone else how they should think, act or dream.

So, instead, I write about my own journeys: physical, geographical, spiritual, intellectual…

Also, many of the words here — perhaps the majority — arise from a voice I’m fairly convinced isn’t my own. A mentor of mine tells me, “You realize you’re channeling the wisdom of the ancients.” I like the ring of that, and it feels about right. The words are often far wiser than I. They ring true, resonate deeply with my own spirit and consciousness. These words come to me voiced in the first person, so that’s how I set them on the page.

At the moment, my inspiration flows here, on Pix to Words.
But I have written elsewhere, as well:

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I show and sell my photographs here:

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Thank you for stopping in. Leave a word or two if you like — it’s nice to know who dropped by.