Precipice ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #21

Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Utah, United States of America
I cannot will my body
To stand at the edge
The red precipice
Must be 2,000 feet high

I crouch down
Inch forward
Lie flat
Wiggle further

And as I near the very edge
A chalk covered hand
Comes over the top
Taking a firm grip

A climber
Lean, lanky and powerful
Hoists herself up
Onto the flat beside me


Her legs
Over the side

I urge my body
Hugging the flat rock
To make the final few inches
White knuckles gripping the edge

As I peer straight down
Into the dark, shadowy abyss
She reaches up to the sky

I know we all live
In the same world
We don’t

Horseshoe Bend
Glen Canyon
Utah, United States

Taken during travels, 1996

The Pic and a Word Challenge is a weekly creativity prompt offered Sunday mornings.

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Last week we hung in there… This week, let’s hang over the edge!

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Ghost Gum, Simpson Desert, Northern Territory, Australia
Challenge #20: Tenacity

The word for last week’s Pic and a Word Challenge #20 was Tenacity, along with this photograph of a Ghost Gum tree clinging to a rocky hilltop in Australia’s Simpson Desert.

Six tenacious posts this week. Thanks everyone!

Oh, and two additional postings for Waiting ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #19. (I just realised I hadn’t updated “This Week’s Challenge” on the Pic and a Word Challenge main page. Apologies to those who missed Tenacity this past week because of it.)