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Clarity, Tantalus Mountain Range, Squamish, Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia, Canada


A facebook friend challenged 16 of her friends, including me, to each write down 16 random notes about themselves, post it as a note, then ask 16 of their friends to do the same. A neat challenge.

I didn’t intend to write the following, it’s just what came out. It’s not really what the challenge called for, so I’ll go back and try that one again. But I thought it was worth posting anyway. . .so here it is.

1. There’s a spiritual sensation of connectedness I get from time to time, a few moments in time that feel as though I’m connected to and can sense the existence of all things, an awareness that there is a grand spiritual reality beyond my rational ken that is graspable by my ever developing being.

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High Ground, Pacific Coast Highway, Northern California, United States of America

High Grounding

I climb up
Out of the fog
I see forever
But there is nothing to see
Only the fog
And the road which brought me here

Still, there is the blue sky
And the sun
I bask in its warmth
Smell the grass
Breathe the fragrant air

I remind myself
Fog is ephemeral
And there is always this high ground
Above the fog
Even if I can only reach it
By closing my eyes
And remembering this moment