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Blackened Earth, Highway G215, Nearing Liuyuanzhen, Gansu Province, China

Rolling through the Ebony

Rolling through
A land of crushed ebony
Tarry asphalt dividing
The slender white lane markers
And scrubby tufts of amber

I scramble up an ebony mound
To find a landscape of ebony mounds
Growing to distant mountains
All of the same ebony skin

“At least,” I think, out loud
Into the air so dry
It swallows up the words
Right off my tongue
“the falling sun seems less
Like a fire
On a cast-iron skillet.”

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Obscured Path, White Lake Trail, White Lake Grasslands, Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada

Obscured ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #49

I follow the obscured path
Tall grass licking my legs
Tickling the spokes
Going “teedle teedle teedle”
While handlebars cut a swath
Parting a bow wave in the ocean of grass

It’s like swimming through a sea
Of stems and raspy leaves
The stiff breeze wrestles up a wave
Which rolls across the grassland and trees
A moment of cool in the sun roasted air
Which clings to my lips, dries my lungs

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Ming Dynasty Great Wall, Jiayuguan, Gansu Province, The People's Republic of China

To ride

It’s a little like water skiing, slalom, on a lake of glass. The sand between scattered clumps of thorny, ground-hugging scrub. Tires floating. Subtle adjustments on the handlebars as the tail slides, as the bike leans and yaws, as the turn that will right it comes around, slowly, slowly. Pedaling, pedaling.