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That's a lotta Washingtons! Sourdough Bar & Grill, Beatty, Nevada, United States of America

The Bar & Grill of Passing Thru

It was one of those American small-town off-the-main-attraction tourist bar & grills papered with dollar bills, George Washington in all his unemotional placidity staring back at me from walls, pillar and ceiling. Off-season empty but for a pair of locals playing darts and a couple passing through on the way to somewhere relatives and presents waited for them. It was hard to tell whether the twinkle lights were seasonal or permanent, but there was no other sign of the holiday. So, permanent.

The place was stocked with beer, though. Lots of it. Their inventory must have been pretty mobile. The bartender just pointed a thumb over his shoulder when I asked for a beer list.

“We’ve got everything in those shelves.”

I counted five rows of 20 cubbyholes each, and every one had a different beer or cider. Maybe one was empty, just for the cliche.


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The last place in Oklahoma

The last place in Oklahoma

“I could go for something cold and wet.”

Sometimes you’re travelling along, lost in your own thoughts alongside your travel mate, also lost in their own thoughts. You’ve gone for a while without realising your thirst, and you go a while further before some remote possibility of quenching that thirst comes along on the road. Then, just before you can verbalize the emotions and needs, your travel mate, whom you believed was on some other mental voyage, anticipates your thoughts and says something like, “I could go for something cold and wet.”