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What Light through Yonder Skyline Breaks, Central Market, Valencia, Catalonia, Spain

Dimming Light

The light which skylight glass admits
Be grey and dour as such the day commits
While just as dim our life in quarantine submits
Then random seem the ones for whom disease remits

Their darkest hour
To bed confined
For none the power
To stall the march of death’s decline

And so alone
Souls pass away
While not a hand
Is offered they
But latex glove
The touch at end of earthly stay

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Night Owls, Bar Mendizabal, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain copy

Quiet ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #189

In the small hours of the night
Somewhere between the last “sweet dreams”
And the alarm clock’s insistent chatter
I like to go out into the city

These quiet hours
In the quiet streets
Shared by a few other strays

When being alone in my own skin
Offers a kind of camaraderie with other lone souls

Being alone in their own skin

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Victoria Chained, Hannah Levien, The Magicians, Season I

Unchained Melody


But for
A trickle of light
Filtered down
Through the depths
And for a time
On cloudless days
A streamer
Of brilliance
A world beyond
This dreary depth

No chains
Confine me
No darkness
Destroy me
No isolation
Confound me

The light beyond
Serves to remind
The light within

Always burning
Always bright
Always connected

So that I

Am never in darkness
Am never restrained
Am never alone

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One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

One Word Photo Challenge: Storm

The crowd awaiting the next express boat mingles restlessly on Tha Thien Pier which lightly but sharply pitches and yaws, jostled by the water, itself kicked up and churned by the river’s heavy boat traffic. I’m snapping photos of a group of boys swimming and splashing in the unfathomably filthy waters of Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river when the boat arrives, sliding just past the pier before going into full reverse. The corner of its tail bangs up against the pier with a shudder, then stays pinned there as the boat’s pilot finds another gear of reverse. People begin leaping to and from the boat’s large, railingless rear deck, now level with the pier, but still only in contact with it at one corner.